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How I Came to Haunt My Parents

Caple, Natalee

  • How I Came to Haunt My Parents is storytelling for parents on the verge of a nervous breakdown. In this beautifully written suite of short fiction Natalee Caple explores fables from the dark side of adulthood and imagines what moral Aesop may have offered to a mother who gave birth to a murderous dictator. Caple’s animals and humans are imbued with modern complexity as they confront sex, death, and history, but her stories are as witty as they are profoundly lucid.

    How I Came to Haunt My Parents is proof of Caple’s status as one of the great prose stylists currently writing.

    Praise for Natalee Caple:

    “Moving…unsettling.” —The New York Times on The Heart Has Its Own Reason

    “A brilliant story-teller.” —D.M. Thomas, author of The White Hotel

    “Natalee Caple writes with sensual and captivating detail of people whose dreams drive them to unanticipated extremities.” —Catherine Bush, author of The Rules of Engagement

  • Natalee Caple is the author of a collection of poetry with ECW, The Semi-Conducting Dictionary, and three books of fiction, most recently, the novel Mackerel Sky from St. Martins Press. Her novel about Annie Oakley is forthcoming in 2012.

  • Published: May 2011

    ISBN: 9781770900004

    Dimensions: x in.