From Hire to Inspire: How to Become the Best Boss

From Hire to Inspire: How to Become the Best Boss

Lahey, David

  • A blueprint for becoming the best boss you can be

    North Americans work 90,000 hours in their lifetime. Wouldn’t they enjoy working in a job they love, with a boss who energizes them? David Lahey’s From Hire to Inspire can help make that happen. With advice for all types of companies, From Hire to Inspire is a road map to becoming a better boss — maybe even the best boss — and to helping your employees achieve their potential.

    Using a new set of behavioral science analytics, Lahey shows you how to determine what types of work different people will find fulfilling. When leaders use these principles to put the right people in the right positions at the right time, employees spend less energy adapting, their engagement levels improve, and they are less absent at work, which results in an increase in productivity and lower accident levels.

    Set your employees up for success in both work and life by learning how to adapt to a changing workplace, the science of decision making, how to coax the most from a millennial workforce, the influence social media has on a culture, how to maintain a respectful environment where leaders can flourish, and more.

    When your staff excels and grows, your company grows too.


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  • David Lahey has been specializing in leadership development, talent acquisition, change management, and productivity improve- ment for over 25 years across a variety of industries. He is an executive coach and consultant to more than 500 of Canada’s Best Managed Companies. Lahey has been a master certified Predictive Index® Analyst since 1988 and received his training by Predictive Index Boston Headquarters. He lives and works in Whitby, Ontario.

  • Published: March 2020

    ISBN: 9781770414877

    Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 in.

    Pages: 216


“David Lahey is THE expert source for all levels in any type of organization. His approaches are cross-generational, respectful and sensitive to all backgrounds, and firmly based on the latest science. Hire to Inspire is the guide to leading people by better understanding yourself through disruption, volatility, and even calm seas!” — Alan Weiss, PhD, author, Fearless Leadership