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Earl Campbell Story: A Football Great's Battle with Panic Disorder

Campbell, Earl

  • Earl Campbell tells the moving story of his journey from the NFL to overcoming a terrifying illness. He is considered one of the most powerful running backs in the history of the NFL. In Houston, his coach referred to him as “Superman.” Yet a terrible, hidden illness would reduce Earl Campbell — a man of unbelievable physical strength and will, who could carry 300-pound linemen on his back across the goal line for touchdown after touchdown — to an insecure, frightened shadow of his former self. Locked inside his home, with the drapes drawn, he would cry for days behind the cover of his sunglasses. In 1989, three years after retiring from the NFL, Hall of Fame running back Earl Campbell was diagnosed with panic and anxiety disorder. From that point on, his life would never be the same. In his 220-page autobiography, Campbell introduces us to a powerful young man who, with his parents and ten siblings, struggled to make ends meet working the famous rose fields of Tyler, Texas. He accepted a scholarship to the University of Texas, won the Heisman Trophy, and eventually became a three-time winner of the NFL’s MVP award. Earl Campbell has been invited to speak to physician and patient groups across the country about his experience with panic and anxiety, and in speaking out, he has saved lives by inspiring and motivating others to seek help for this disorder.
  • Earl Campbell has won the Heisman Trophy as best college football player in the country, and the NFL’s Most Valuable Player Award for his first three seasons with the Houston Oilers. John Ruane has written for several magazines, spent 10 years as a feature writer for the Chicago Sun-Times and has authored five stage plays. Ruane conducted the national publicity launch for Michael Jordan’s newest book, For the Love of the Game: My Story, sending it to number two on the New York Times Bestseller list two weeks after publication.

  • Published: September 1999

    ISBN: 9781550223910

    Dimensions: 6 x 9 in.

    Pages: 220