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The Dixie Chicks

Tracy, Kathleen

  • These days when they talk about “grrrl power,” they say it with a twang. The Dixie Chicks have almost single-handedly reinvented a classic country sound, and so gone where no widely popular girl group has ever gone before. Not only do country purists applaud their traditional roots, but their modern take on the tunes is drawing in fans who once dismissed country as music for men and women with big hair and sequined outfits. Loaded with exclusive color photos and revealing biographical details, this first photo album of the Chicks tells their story with more that 50 gorgeous pics. The “Chicks” founding members ” Emily Robinson and Martie Seidel ” had been playing bluegrass and Western swing on Dallas street corners since the 1980s. The addition of lead singer Natalie Maines in 1995 spurred them to create a new sound and image for themselves. Kathleen Tracy writes about the musical and stylistic transformation of the group, looking at their early tumultuous years as well as their more recent climb to the top of the charts, with Fly ” their latest album. Like many of the songs chronicled in their albums, The Dixie Chicks is a story of willpower, sacrifice, and artistic vision. Finally, here’s a book that will allow readers to get up close and personal with the women that Rolling Stone has called ”the badass queenpins of country.”
  • Kathleen Tracy is a freelance writer and entertainment journalist.

  • Published: October 2000

    ISBN: 9781550224184

    Dimensions: 8.25 x 9 in.

    Pages: 80