Crossings audiobook by Betty Lambert, Bespeak Audio Editions


Lambert, Betty, narrated by Emma Campbell

  • Vicky, a writer in Vancouver in the early 1960s doesn’t consider herself the type of woman who would end up in a bad relationship. Struggling to come to terms with herself, she navigates an emotionally abusive relationship with Mik, a violent logger and ex-con.

    Mik and Vicky’s physical, often violent affair offers an honest and unflinching look at relationships and female suffering. Crossings caused a furor when it was first published and was banned from some feminist bookstores. At the same time, it was widely acclaimed by critics and writers, including Jane Rule, who wrote: “This portrait of an artist as a young woman should stand beside Alice Munro’s Who Do You Think You Are and Margaret Laurence’s The Diviners as a testimony of the courage and cost of being a woman and a writer.”

    Out of print for more than twenty years, this new edition of Crossings will introduce this Canadian classic — and remarkable writer — to a new generation of readers.

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  • Betty Lambert (1933-83) was a playwright and novelist. Born in Calgary to a working-class family, she graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1957 and joined the English faculty at Simon Fraser University in 1965, where she eventually became professor. She was best known for her prodigious output of plays for stage, radio, and television. Crossings was her only novel.

  • Published: January 2020

    ISBN: 9781773055480

    Duration: 10:00

    Originally published by: Arsenal Pulp Press


“A hilarious, reprehensible, moving book, brilliantly written.” — Jane Rule

“That rara avis, the novel that makes you say, now here’s a real novelist … Crossings is a powerful novel of a woman discovering herself. And we discover a powerfully talented writer.” — Globe and Mail

“I’ve read few novels with characters as particularized and whole, perceptions as amusing and alive. It takes the basic Canadian-fiction starter kit and assembles it with a lightning wit and energy that make the results wholly agreeable … Crossings is a superbly realized novel.” — Douglas Hill

“Lambert’s dialogue is razor-sharp and rich in brilliant subtext, making a statement that’s both loud and subtle. Crossings is smart, witty, and still relevant in the twenty-first century. It is truly a gem, so worthy of republication to honour Vancouver in its 125th year.” — Geist