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Cool To Be Kind: Random Acts and How to Commit Them

Litwin, Val

  • In August of 2002 four 20-something friends from Victoria packed a motor home and embarked upon a three-month non-profit marathon known coast to coast as The Extreme Kindness Tour. Their mission: to commit as many random acts of kindness in as many Canadian communities as possible. From mile zero to St. John’s, the boys staffed soup kitchens, broke horses, roofed houses, delivered flowers, sang songs, visited hospitals, raised funds, and staged rallies determined to make someone’s day and encourage them to Pay It Forward, connecting the world through kindness. The crew originally documented their transCanadian adventures on a global Web show at; here they offer testimonials, resources, and inspiration for those ready to hit the road with kind acts of their own.
  • Val Litwin, Chris Bratseth, Brad Stokes, and Erik Hanson live in Victoria and speak at conferences, schools, and clubs about the Kindness revolution. They are planning a 2004 US tour.

  • Published: June 2004

    ISBN: 9781550226522

    Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 in.

    Pages: 296