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Clearly Now, the Rain: A Memoir of Love and Other Trips

Hastings, Eli

  • Serala drank frat boys under the table. She wore saris and ate delicately from plates of curry at family events; elsewhere she wore a lip ring, designer shades, and a cowboy hat and ordered bloody steaks. She wrote volumes of poetry, made amateur films, singlehandedly ran a chapter of Food Not Bombs, and ended up as a fierce advertising agency executive. She often slept less than five hours per week and would, at the slightest excuse, drive from L.A. to New York in a cool 50 hours. In some moments of danger, she split the lips of menacing strangers. And she gave herself over to the casual knives and fists of others for nothing more than another bag of heroin that she had plenty of money for anyway. 

    Clearly Now, the Rain traces the decade-long relationship of Eli Hastings and his friend Serala: from ill-advised quests for narcotics in Mexican border towns through summer road trips, from southern California to Tennessee and on to New York City and Seattle, from 1996 to the very last days of 2004, when Serala’s journey concluded tragically at age 27. 

  • Eli Hastings lives in Seattle, Washington. He is completing an internship and MA in family therapy. He is a poetry facilitator with youth at King County Juvenile Detention and holds an MFA from the UNC at Wilmington. His first book, Falling Room, was published in the American Lives Series at the University of Nebraska Press in 2006.
  • Published: May 2013

    ISBN: 9781770410770

    Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 in.

    Pages: 264


“Some relationships make us question whether we’ve loved enough, others whether we’ve loved too much. But Seattle author Eli Hastings grapples with an even more perplexing issue in his latest book: Did he love the right way? His new memoir, ‘Clearly Now, the Rain: A Memoir of Love and Other Trips,’ is a drug, romance and adventure-filled exploration of that gut-wrenching question, a story that is both thoroughly of its time (post-grunge Seattle) and timeless in theme.” — Seattle Times