Chinkstar Audiobook by Jon Chan Simpson, Bespeak Audio Editions


Simpson, Jon Chan, narrated by Vinson Tran

  • Chinksta rap is all the rage in Red Deer, Alberta. And the king of Chinksta is King Kwong, Run’s older brother. Run isn’t a fan of Kwong’s music – or personality, really. But when Kwong goes missing just days before his crowning performance and their mom gets wounded by a stray bullet, Run finds himself, with his sidekick, Ali, in the middle of a violent battle between Red Deer’s rival gangs – the Apes and the Necks – on the run from his crush’s behemoth brother, and rethinking his feelings about his family and their history, his hatred of rice-rap and what it means to be Asian.

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  • Jon Chan Simpson grew up in Red Deer, Alberta. He is a graduate of the University of Toronto's MA Creative Writing program, and his work has been featured in Ricepaper magazine.

  • Published: August 2019

    ISBN: 9781773054537

    Duration: 5:05

    Originally published by: Coach House Books


“What sets Chinkstar apart is the stylized presentation of a performer who is looking for an audience, a young man who is seeking a place, a connection, something to call his own.” — Marion Milner, Buried in Print

Chinkstar is a refreshing read, as the narration is like a story from a friend a few beers deep at a winding down party; enthralling and informal, with so much action you know you should quit for some rest, but can't.” — Ricepaper

“...a fresh and totally badass exploration of history, language and cultural truthiness.” — The Globe and Mail