Canadian Literary Prose

Cluett, Robert

  • What are the key stylistic elements of Margaret Atwood's prose style, or Mordecai Richler's? Does Robertson Davies's fictional style resemble that of a nineteenth-century British novel? Are Morley Callaghan and Ernest Hemingway related in terms of their stylistic mannerisms? After many years of computer-assisted analysis, Robert Cluett is able to suggest answers to the above questions, and to reveal how major Canadian writers establish their own writing style. Written in a lively style itself, and complete with charts and graphs, this book is the first attempt to address specific stylistic issues in Canadian fiction.
  • ROBERT CLUETT teaches English at York University, and is the author of Prose and Style and Critical Reading.

  • Published: January 1990

    ISBN: 9781550220964

    Dimensions: 6 x 9 in.

    Pages: 200