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Bury Me Deep in the Green Wood

McLennan, Rob

  • From pastoral to punk, the mean streets to the farmers’ fields, mclennan traverses all possible Canadas. bury me deep in the green wood, rob mclennan’s second major collection, is both an acknowledgement and a quiet celebration of the connections that run through our bodies and personal and public histories. Exploring and mining the past and present, while stripping into the future, these poems are rich in image and in their sense of Canada, especially the tensions between its literature and its physical realities. A heady and heads-up mix of classicism, urban pop culture, and historic Glengarry County in Eastern Ontario, rob mclennan’s poems root themselves in the green earth. Anchored, they hold and thrive, despite everything and at all costs.
  • Born in Ottawa on the Ides of March, 1970, rob mclennan was raised on a dairy farm outside Maxville, Ontario. Living in Ottawa since 1989, he has worked as a farm labourer, professional clown, kitchen help, bookstore clerk, waiter, freelance writer, child caregiver, and house dad. He is the author of more than twenty chapbooks and the collection Notes on Drowning (Broken Jaw Press). In 1998 mclennan edited Written in the Skin(Insomniac), a national poetry anthology, proceeds from which help to raise money for AIDS charities. Since 1993 he has published Stanzas magazine, and numerous chapbooks by poets from across Canada. He currently reviews books for various publications nationally, runs the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair, the annual WHIPlash poetry festival, and, until recently, was the director of the TREE Reading Series.

  • Published: March 1999

    ISBN: 9781550223798

    Dimensions: 6 x 9 in.

    Pages: 75