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The Buk Book: Musings on Charles Bukowski

Christy, Jim

  • This book offers a unique look at a phenomenon: Charles Bukowski—BUK—the battered and scarred postal clerk, odd jobs man, and lowly factotum, who became the best-known “underground” writer in the English language and whom Jean Genet described as “the best poet in America.” His work—raw, crude, heartbreaking, and hilarious—has inspired imitators, emulators, sycophants, and detractors. Until now, everything written about the man has suffered accordingly. In The BUK Book Jim Christy cuts through all the crap, and writes engagingly about the man, the myth, and his work. The book features sixteen full-page photographs, all shot by Claude Powell, Bukowski’s confidante and drinking buddy.
  • Jim Christy has published numerous books, and is a sculptor who has exhibited internationally.

  • Published: February 1997

    ISBN: 9781550222951

    Dimensions: 5 x 7 in.

    Pages: 91