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A Bibliography of Stephen Leacock

Spadoni, Carl

  • The bibliography of the season! ECW PRESS celebrates a work of lasting scholarship — a new bibliography of Stephen Leacock

    Stephen Leacock (1869-1944) is one of Canada’s most respected and beloved writers. A prolific author of prodigious talent, he had an international following during his career. Although he was best known as a humorist, he was also a professor of political economy, an historian, a social critic and propagandist, a writer of doggerel, and a platform entertainer. A Bibliography of Stephen Leacock employs the protocols of descriptive bibliography to record all of Leacock’s published work from his first known venture into print in 1887 until the cut-off date of 1998. One of the bibliography’s major strengths is an emphasis on publishing history. Organized into ten sections, the bibliography describes all editions and issues; Leacock’s contributions to books; his serial publications (in newspapers and magazines); reports of his speeches and lectures; lectures given; interviews; authorized adaptations; translations; recordings by Leacock; Braille, talking books and films; encyclopedia articles; and contributions in serial articles and books by others. In addition, there is a section for “Lost Leads,” see-references, and a comprehensive index (author, title, and subject).

    A Bibliography of Stephen Leacock reveals the complexity and scope of Leacock’s enormous canon. Based on an in-depth examination of texts and archival documents, this bibliography is a research tool in the true scholarly tradition, a work that will interest Leacock enthusiasts and all students and researchers of Canadian literature and social history.

  • Carl Spadoni is Research Collections Librarian at McMaster University

  • Published: October 1998

    ISBN: 9781550223651

    Dimensions: 7 x 10 in.

    Pages: 714