Between Europe And America: The Canadian Tradition in Fiction

MacLulich, T. D.

  • Does Canadian fiction owe more to European or American influences? Or, has Canadian fiction outgrown its earlier debts and developed its own, distinctly Canadian, features? T.D. MacLulich demonstrates how Canadian fiction writers were initially European-centred; then at the turn of the century, U.S. writing became the dominant model. MacLulich argues that with Raymond Knister's White Narcissus, a separate and unique Canadian tradition commenced. In the course of the discussion, MacLulich analyzes such writers as Morley Callaghan, Robertson Davies, Ethel Wilson, Margaret Laurence, and Alice Munro.
  • T.D. MACLULICH is the author of Hugh MacLennan and numerous essays and reviews.

  • Published: February 1988

    ISBN: 9780920763964

    Dimensions: 6 x 9 in.

    Pages: 255