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Bang Your Head: The Real Story of The Missing Link

Robertson, Dewey

  • “And in this corner, at 260 pounds, from Parts Unknown, it’s The Missing Link!”

    Wrestling fans around the world thrilled to those words in the mid-80s as the bizarre and volatile Missing Link would enter the ring. But then, he disappeared from wrestling as mysteriously as he appeared, and for more than a decade fans wondered what became of him. Now, the man behind that blue-and-green mask is finally stepping out to tell people the real story. No, he wasn’t a Stone Age throwback or even a refugee from a circus freak show – he was veteran ring hero Dewey Robertson, known to wrestling fans for his all-Canadian looks, physique, and mastery of a thousand wrestling moves.

    Written in a plain-talk, straight-from-the heart style, Bang Your Head tells Dewey’s story from the very beginning — growing up in the wrestling mecca of Hamilton, Ontario; becoming one of the stalwarts of Toronto’s Maple Leaf Wrestling promotion; moving to the southern United States to morph into one of wrestling’s most popular “goons”; losing his career and abusing alcohol and drugs; beicomng destitute and homeless for nearly a year; returning to Canada to begin a long road to recovery; and finally emerging victorious only to find that his fans were still waiting. The tremendous response to his appearances showed that interest in the Link was as strong as ever.

    Bang Your Head also gives fans an unprecedented look at the reality of a wrestler’s life outside the ring: the weeks on the road away from family and friends, the constant risk of injury, loneliness, financial instability, strains on family life from constantly moving around to follow the work, and the easy access to women, alcohol, and drugs. Dewey is one of the few pros who will admit publicly that he used steroids, and graphically documents the damage they did to his health.

  • Dewey Robertson is “The Missing Link”, one of the most beloved performers in the history of professional wrestling. Meredith Renwick is a respected Toronto journalist.

  • Published: May 2006

    ISBN: 9781550227277

    Dimensions: 6.75 x 9.75 in.

    Pages: 215