The Agassi Story

Cobello, Dominic

  • Driven by his love of tennis, Mike Agassi decided to teach his children how to play the game. It was his son Andre’s talent that shone through the brightest, and Andre became dominant in the world of men’s tennis.

    The Agassi Story begins on the streets of Iran, where Mike Agassi was born. Learning to defend himself at an early age, Mike developed a punch that quickly got noticed by the boxing community. After participating in two Olympic Games and getting a taste for a better quality of life, Mike set his eyes on America. It was in Chicago that he decided to focus on tennis, and he moved to Las Vegas so he could play year–round. Knowing that it was too late for him to pursue a tennis career, he made sure to develop his children into great players, and fulfill his dream that way. But his teachings came with a high price, and tensions between Mike and his children threatened to pull the family apart.

    The Agassi Story is a heartwarming look at one family’s turbulent relationship, and their ultimate reconciliation.

  • Dominic Cobello is a Montreal–based television, film, and music event producer, writer, and editor, who encouraged Mike to tell his story. The Agassi Story is his first book. Mike Agassi immigrated to the United States in the 1950s, ultimately settling in Las Vegas where he found work in casinos. He lives there with his wife, Betty.

  • Published: October 2008

    ISBN: 9781550228496

    Dimensions: 6 x 9 in.

    Pages: 224