ECW Press BIPOC Writers Mentorship Program

Program description:

ECW’s BIPOC Writers Mentorship Program is part of our commitment to promote diverse and inclusive voices in books. The goal of this program is to find and nurture upcoming writers from BIPOC communities and equip them with tools and information to navigate the industry, submission process, and publishing process. The program is only open to writers who have never published a book and are currently living in Canada. 

Meet the freelance Mentors!

What it offers:

  • Each successful writer will be paired with a freelance Black, Indigenous, or racialized editor, who has extended experience editing the genre of the writer’s work.
  • Over the course of four months, each writer will meet (remotely, or in person) with their assigned editor and receive:
    • one-on-one editorial guidance on unpublished work
    • constructive editorial feedback on what's working and where they could improve
    • experience of what an editorial relationship is like and an introduction to editorial process
    • insight on how the writer’s work might sit alongside other published books in the market; and
    • insight on the writer’s target audience and how to reach them.
  • Writers will also receive expert insight into the publishing industry and process.
  • Freelance editors will be paid to develop unpublished writers.

How to apply (writers):

There will be two admission deadlines: November 30 and May 31.

**Extended for round 6 to June 30, 2023**

  • Writers submitting works of fiction will be required to submit a synopsis and a sample of no less than 5,000 words; this can be one or more short stories or a part of a novel.
  • Writers submitting non-fiction works will be required to submit a chapter outline and a sample of no less than 5,000 words. Preferred genres include memoirs & biographies, science & nature, true crime, business & personal finance, poetry, sports, and pop culture.
  • Writers submitting poetry will be required to submit a 10-15-page sample.
  • A cover letter and/or other biographical material can be included, but these are not necessary.

How to apply (editors):

Freelance editors can apply at any time to be part of the program.

  • This is paid freelance work and not a permanent position at ECW.
  • Please submit a resumé and a cover letter which includes:
    • your genre of expertise
    • how long you have been editing in that genre; and
    • what interests you about this program.

Writers will receive a response from ECW Press within six weeks, and freelance editors will receive a response within three weeks.

All submissions and all questions should be sent to