Scion of the Fox (The Realms of Ancient Book 1) by S.M. Beiko, ECW Press

Scion of the Fox: The Realms of Ancient, Book 1

Beiko, S.M.

  • As the winter ice begins to thaw, the fury of a demon builds — all because one girl couldn’t stay dead . . .

    Roan Harken considers herself a typical high school student — dead parents, an infected eyeball, and living in the house of her estranged, currently comatose grandmother (well, maybe not so typical) — but she’s uncovering the depth of the secrets her family left behind. Saved from the grasp of Death itself by a powerful fox spirit named Sil, Roan must harness mysterious ancient power . . . and quickly. A snake-monster called Zabor lies in wait in the bed of the frozen Assiniboine River, hungry for the sacrifice of spirit-blood in exchange for keeping the flood waters at bay. Thrust onto an ancient battlefield, Roan soon realizes that to maintain the balance of the world, she will have to sacrifice more than her life in order to take her place as Scion of the Fox.

    American Gods meets Princess Mononoke in this powerful first installment of a trilogy sure to capture readers’ imaginations everywhere.


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  • S.M. Beiko has been writing and drawing strange, fantastical things since before she can remember. She currently works as a freelance editor, graphic designer, and consultant and is the co-publisher of ChiZine Publications and ChiGraphic. Her first novel, The Lake and the Library, was nominated for the Manitoba Book Award for Best First Book as well as the 2014 Aurora Award. Scion of the Fox is the first book of the Realms of Ancient trilogy. Samantha lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

  • Published: October 2017

    ISBN: 9781770413573

    Dimensions: 5 x 7.75 in.

    Pages: 456

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“In Scion of the Fox, S.M. Beiko introduces us to Roan, a wry, fierce young woman whose world changes in the blink of an infected eye. She’s more than she has ever imagined, and there’s enchantment everywhere — flying, running, and swimming around her — transforming everything and everyone she has ever known. Beiko’s magic-steeped Winnipeg is a marvel, and Roan is a delight. I look forward to following her into her next adventure.” — Caitlin Sweet, author of The Pattern Scars

“S.M. Beiko’s Scion of the Fox is the thrilling first installment in what will surely be an exceptionally imaginative trilogy. Roan Harken is an instantly relatable heroine, a girl with guts and moxie in spades, and Beiko moves her story from hilarious to heartbreaking with true literary grace. Evocative prose and crisp, crackling dialogue perfectly define this rich fantasy world. I can’t wait for Book Two!” — Charlene Challenger, author of The Voices in Between and The Myth in Distance

“A smart, complex, animal-based fantasy.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Beiko does a good job giving the reader just enough information to keep them hooked while leaving enough out to have the story progress... I enjoyed this book quite a bit.” — Cover2Cover blog

“Engaging from the very first page, this novel has the perfect balance of teenage angst, supernatural intrigue, fantasy mysticism, and even talking animals that manage to be neither cute nor precious.” — Bibliotica blog

“Unique, compelling, and delightfully creepy, Scion of the Fox ended up being the perfect way to spend an October evening.” — Lauren's Crammed Bookshelf

Scion of the Fox is exciting and action-packed, with a team of diverse and interesting characters learning to work together and trust each other in the face of horrifying danger. Roan is an appealing narrator, self-aware and clever but realistically impatient and temperamental . . . the stakes and tension keep rising convincingly, and the engaging characters will keep a reader turning the pages. . . Scion of the Fox is a highly readable adventure that will appeal to fans of both horror and fantasy.” – Canadian Review of Materials

“For those who appreciate the development of complex and detailed worlds, Beiko's creation is a gift. . . Scion of the Fox is a big, ambitious book bursting with a well-crafted magical world. Beiko wrestles her intricate plot well, pulling the threads together at the end to set up the next instalment in an intriguing way, with a protagonist who has grown, changed, and is likely to earn a dedicated following.” –Quill & Quire

“It isn't every day that you come across a fantastical novel set in Winnipeg. And I loved the author's well-defined and diverse characters, especially the Indigenous one representing the Seal family.” — Metro News (national)

“A thrilling tale underscored by excellent, deep, and unique world-building.” — Kelley Armstrong, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“Samantha Beiko has managed to create an incredible adventure that is full of emotion, strength, passion, tension & power. The rep in this book for POC and the disabled is brilliant & there were some lines about disability that really resonated with me. I’m incredibly excited for the rest of this series.” —Writing Wolves blog

“The first installment in a fantasy trilogy by Beiko has an interesting premise and a lively protagonist . . . The story is entertaining . . . ” — Publishers Weekly

“Beiko did a fabulous job creating a fantasy world that overlaps with our own and making it come alive! . . . This book is a blend of fantasy, mythology and reality that makes you want even more!” — Feed Your Fiction blog

“Scion of the Fox was a magical, exciting, and captivating read.”— Brains, Books, and Brawn blog

“I greatly enjoyed this novel for multiple reasons. Great diversity of cast is high on that list. . . the writing in this book really spoke to something inside me. . . Hope you all can give this one a chance! I am eagerly awaiting the sequel!!” — Redd's Reads blog

“There is no doubt that Beiko is masterful when it comes to creating creative worlds. . . The diversity among the characters is broad, refreshing, and empowering. . . If you like complex plots, this definitely has that.” – She’s Going Book Crazy blog

“Roan is a believable and sympathetic character, thrust into a world she barely understands.” – Prairie Books Now

“This Canadian gem is a great first novel in a new compelling and unique fantasy series . . . I really recommend this unique, earth-based but set in a city fantasy story. I think you'll be surprised by its depth and intricacies.” — Epic Stitching blog