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The Lake and the Library

Beiko, Samantha

  • Wishing for something out of Alice in Wonderland, something beyond her adventureless life, 16-year-old Ash is counting down the days until she and her mother move away from their prairie hometown of Treade. It’s Ash’s summer of goodbyes until, after a turn of fate, she finds her way into the mysterious, condemned building on the outskirts of town — one that has haunted her entire childhood with secrets and questions. What she finds inside — or what finds her — is an untouched library, inhabited by an enchanting mute named Li. Brightened by Li’s charm and his indulgence in her dreams, Ash becomes locked in a world of dusty books and dying memories, with Li becoming the attachment to Treade she never wanted. As the summer vanishes underneath her, and her quest to discover who Li is — or was — proves nearly impossible, Ash must choose between the road ahead or the dream she’s living before it’s too late. 
  • S.M. Beiko works in the Canadian publishing industry as an editor and layout designer and lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba. This is her first book.
  • Published: May 2013

    ISBN: 9781770410572

    Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 in.

    Pages: 248

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"Part fairy story and part ghost story, The Lake and the Library is a satisfying fantasy novel with enough suspense and mystery to keep the reader guessing." — CM: Canadian Review of Materials

"The Lake and the Library is not just about a girl wishing to leave a dull life behind and finding excitement in a place that seems too good to be true, it’s an analogy of what books do, in general. They take us to places where dreams come true, where we can interact in fantasy worlds, and where spirits become real. The Library holds such magic for Ash . . . I found the story fascinating." — My Wither Shins

"The Lake and the Library could be called a tribute to the power of books, and it is certainly an auspicious first novel by a new Winnipeg author." — Winnipeg Free Press