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Investigating Sherlock: The Unofficial Guide

Stafford, Nikki

  • An “intelligent and lively” companion to the hit BBC show starring Benedict Cumberbatch (Publishers Weekly)

    “One of the best-researched books out there on the BBC Show, with great interviews of the show’s creators and primary actors.” — GeekDad

    He’s been depicted as a serious thinker, a master of deduction, a hopeless addict, and a bare-knuckle fighter. His companion is a bumbler, a sympathetic equal, someone helpless in the face of his friend’s social inadequacies. Sherlock Holmes and John Watson remain the most-adapted fictional characters of all time. In 2010, when Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman stepped into the roles, they managed to meld many previous incarnations into two glorious performances.

    Over Sherlock’s first three seasons, the Emmy Award–winning series has brought new life to stories over a century old and, with its Holmes and Watson for the twenty-first century, created a worldwide phenomenon. Investigating Sherlock examines each episode through in-depth and fun analysis, exploring the character development and cataloguing every subtle reference to the original stories. With biographies of Cumberbatch and Freeman, as well as Arthur Conan Doyle, Investigating Sherlock is great fun, and the ultimate guide to the great detective.

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  • Nikki Stafford is the author of the acclaimed Finding Lost series, as well as companion guides to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Alias, Angel, and Xena: Warrior Princess. Nikki blogs regularly on her site, Nik at Nite ( She lives in London, Ontario.

  • Published: September 2015

    ISBN: 9781770412620

    Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 in.

    Pages: 240

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“Astute and thoughtful with brilliant analysis of the episodes’ deeper meanings and significances. A delightful exploration not to be missed!” — Valerie Estelle Frankel, author of Sherlock: Every Canon Reference You May Have Missed in BBC’s Series 1–3

“Stafford clearly is not only a devotee of Sherlock but is also very well-versed in Doyle’s original works … If you are a fan of Sherlock, you definitely will enjoy reading this book.” — The Crime Doc Is In

“This is written with an easy hand, taking quite a lot of fact and blending it in as though it’s an easy conversation between friends as you squee over a piece of fandom that’s important to you.” — Ventureadlaxare

"Investigating Sherlock is a lovely companion to the show and I enjoyed reading it immensely. Those who already know a lot about Sherlock will enjoy delving back into the episodes, and those who have watched but not engaged in meta discussions will find themselves amazed by the complexity and intertextuality of Sherlock." — Baker Street Babes

"Investigating Sherlock is a fascinating book that give you a look at the show like you have never seen before." — Tribute

“An incredibly fun book to read . . . It made me fall in love with the series again and definitely made me want to plan another re-watch. I think Sherlock fans will be genuinely pleased with this book.” — Padfoots Library

"Nikki Stafford's Investigating Sherlock is an insightful companion to the first three seasons of the series with discussions of its history, analysis of and commentary on each episode, and interviews with Canadian Sherlockians." — Scuttlebutt from the Spermaceti Press

“One of the best-researched books out there on the BBC Show, with great interviews of the show’s creators and primary actors as well as amazingly detailed summaries of all nine episodes from the first three seasons . . . Stafford nailed it, and I sincerely hope she tackles Season 4 (when it’s completed) with the same level of detail as she’s done here.” —

“Written in Stafford’s easy conversational style, Investigating Sherlock will appeal to fans of the BBC series and pop culture aficionados, in general. That much, at least, is elementary.” — Scene Magazine

“Data! data! data! Nikki Stafford has fashioned excellent bricks from perfect clay.” — Guy Adams, author of The Sherlock Files

“There’s really nothing here that a fan wouldn’t like.” — Logan Bruin’s Blog

“If you’re a Sherlock fan, you’ll need this. If you have a friend who’s a Sherlock fan, buy them this. They’ll love it." — Tessa’s Books and Tea Room

"A nice book for any fan of the BBC show." — Reading Bifrost

"An extremely enjoyable look at what has become a truly global phenomenon, Sherlock." —

“If you're a big Sherlock fan (and why wouldn't you be?) this book deserves a spot on your bookshelf.” — Shooting Stars Magazine

"Written in an intelligent and lively manner, [Investigating Sherlock] is educating as well as entertaining." — Publishers Weekly

"Take off your deerstalker — please! — and enjoy Stafford’s investigation of the master’s quirks and genius." — London Free Press