The Accidental Veterinarian by Philipp Schott, ECW Press

The Accidental Veterinarian: Tales from a Pet Practice

Schott, Philipp

  • Cats, dogs, people — funny and heartbreaking stories from a pet veterinarian

    With insight and humor, Dr. Philipp Schott shares tales from the unlikely path he took into his career of veterinary science and anecdotes from his successful small-animal clinic. Dr. Schott brings to his writing the benefit of many years of expertise. Wisdom he imparts on readers includes the best way to give your cat a pill, how to prevent your very handy dog from opening a fridge, and how to handle your fish when it has half-swallowed another.

    Through these and other experiences, Dr. Schott also learned that veterinary medicine is as much, if not more, about the people as it is the animals. And he will have you laughing and crying as you embark on this journey of discovery with him.


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  • Philipp Schott practices in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where he manages one of the largest pet hospitals in the province. He blogs frequently and travels extensively.

  • Published: April 2019

    ISBN: 9781770414808

    Dimensions: 5 x 7 in.

    Pages: 232

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“For all animal lovers, veterinary tales are always amusing, amazing, entertaining, and, once in a while, sad. Few books … approach the combination of fine writing, radical honesty, and endless optimism found in Winnipeg practitioner Schott’s … Laugh until you cry — and believe, as he says, that all that really matters is that the heart of the pet (and its owner) is pure.” — Booklist Starred Review

“Crammed with useful information, humorous recollections, personal reflections and a few anecdotes you shouldn’t read while eating, but which will appeal to any pet owner … Schott’s writing has a conversational tone that makes for easy, enjoyable reading … The Accidental Veterinarian is sure to tug at the heartstrings of any pet owner, as well as help them appreciate the role of the trained professionals who treat their animals in sickness and in health.” — Winnipeg Free Press

“Who amongst us animal lovers hasn’t fantasized being a vet? Well, read Philipp Schott’s highly entertaining and informative book and learn exactly what you’d be in for — all the poignancy, hilarity, and plain hard work. You may decide to keep your day job, but you’ll be a much better animal companion for having picked up the many insider tips Schott imparts.” — Barbara Gowdy, award-winning author of The White Bone and Helpless

“This set of short anecdotes is warm, funny, poignant and educational. Any animal lover will be pleased.” — Malcolm Avenue Review

“Philipp Schott's The Accidental Veterinarian hooked me pretty much immediately and kept me laughing throughout. It's a fun, humorous and fascinating peek into the veterinarian profession, told by a thoughtful and quirky veterinarian . . . An incredibly fun, absolutely hilarious read that I think anyone would enjoy, not just animal lovers. I was laughing out loud after the first few pages, and didn't stop until the end. Philipp Schott is a lovable and humorous narrator . . . A quick, enjoyable read that gives a tremendously interesting glimpse into the life and trials of a veterinarian that I really think anyone would enjoy.” — i am writer hear me roar blog

“By now I've read quite a few books written by veterinarians . . . I've come to expect a mix of personal and practical, funny, sad and bizarre. If I'm lucky, it will be informative as well as amusing. [The Accidental Veterinarian] hit the sweet spot.” — Dear Author blog

“If you need a fun book (with short chapters) to help you get through these topsy-turvy times, this is a book for you.” — Richmond News

“Schott’s writing is engagingly conversational and showcases his colorful sense of humor … Educational, entertaining and compassionate, this confluence of happy accidents is a must-read for anyone who is, loves or works with a veterinarian.” — Shelf Awareness

“Dr. Schott is the kind of vet we all want for our animals. Schott’s The Accidental Veterinarian is filled with heartwarming stories any animal lover will enjoy. It’s informative and entertaining, much like our pets themselves!” — Teresa Rhyne, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The Dog Lived (and So Will I)

“A pleasant interlude of a book for those of us who love our animals and rely on the vets who care for them. Canadian vet Philipp Schott's calm voice, practical point of view, and gentle humor is so like the vets I've known through many years and wonderful pets . . . Good stuff, and, of course, plenty of the anecdotes we all enjoy so much.” — A Day in the (Reading) Life blog

“It was entertaining to read the stories about the animals he's helped but it was also interesting to get the scoop on what it's like to be a vet.” — Teena in Toronto blog

The Accidental Veterinarian is a fun jaunt through the life of a vet.” — A Bookish Type blog

“Heartwarming and thoughtful, The Accidental Veterinarian is highly recommended not only for animal lovers, but also for anyone considering a career in veterinary medicine, as a ‘slice-of-life’ glimpse into what the job entails.” — Midwest Book Review

The Accidental Veterinarian contains plenty of chuckles and tender moments, but also addresses serious topics such as the stresses of the profession and what to consider when a pet receives a distressing diagnosis.” — The Columbia Tribune