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Bloodlight Chronicles: Redemption

Stanton, Steve

  • The conclusion of the epic sci-fi series, set in a world of cloning, artificial intelligence, and battles in a virtual realm . . .

    A new blood-transmitted virus has become a black market staple due to its rejuvenating effects, forcing infected “Eternals” into a tightly knit underground where they must hack the “V-net” for food and shelter. When the leader of the Eternals, Helena Sharp, begins to lose her immortality, she flees to an old lover for strength and solace, as the entire Eternal community is thrown into chaos.

    Meanwhile, young clone Niko discovers the truth about her gifted daughter — who carries the future heritage of humanity in her augmented DNA. This knowledge forces Niko to confront her progenitor, Phillip Davis, with a litany of experimental abuse — only to discover that Phillip has fully integrated his persona with the AI monster who controls V-space. With the aid of the charismatic avatar Philomena, he embarks on a program of manipulation and control that will redefine the boundaries of death and consciousness. Advancing the post-cyberpunk genre into new territory, this compelling series delves into intriguing questions of religion, God, family, and the universe’s central source of life.

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  • Steve Stanton is the author of The Bloodlight Chronicles: Reconciliation and Retribution. His short fiction has been published in 16 countries, including translations into Hebrew, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, and Romanian. His writing regularly appears in more than two dozen magazines and journals, and he currently serves as the president of SF Canada, the bilingual organization of science fiction, fantasy, and horror writers. Stanton lives in Washago, Ontario.

  • Published: October 2012

    ISBN: 9781550229998

    Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 in.

    Pages: 252

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“Finding innovative science fiction is getting harder and harder … Then comes along a series of books from ECW Press called The Bloodlight Chronicles by Steve Stanton and hope for originality in the genre is revived.” — Amazing Stories