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Encyclopedia Gothica

Ladouceur, Liisa

  • Encyclopedia Gothica is a guide through that shadowiest of subcultures: modern Goths. It collects and defines more than 600 words and phrases used by these children of the night so that you too can engage in conversations about deathhawks and rivetheads and who is more übergoth: Bela Lugosi or Robert Smith.

    Compiled by acclaimed Goth journalist and poet Liisa Ladouceur, it gives readers insight into the unique vernacular of this fascinating community, describing in detail and with black humour the fashion, music, and lifestyle as well as sharing insider slang such as Baby Bat, Corp Goth and the Gothic Two-Step, and the first ever Goth Band Family Tree. From absinthe to zombies, it’s the Encyclopedia Gothica!

  • Liisa Ladouceur is a music and unpopular culture journalist, a poet, and a Goth. She has examined the subculture for various publications, has been called upon as a recognized Goth expert for television like MuchMusic, CTV, TVO, and Newsworld, and hosted the sold-out Gothic Toronto literary event for the Luminato Festival. She is currently known as the Blood Spattered Guide music columnist for Rue Morgue magazine, the world’s leading publication on horror in art and culture, and also can be heard weekly on the all-horror podcast Rue Morgue Radio. She lives in Toronto, ON. Gary Pullin is the art director for Rue Morgue magazine, and his work can be seen at www.ghoulishgary.com. He lives in Toronto, ON.

  • Published: October 2011

    ISBN: 9781770410244

    Dimensions: 5.25 x 8.5 in.

    Pages: 330

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“Ladouceur’s humour is a welcome rarity in an oft-misunderstood subculture.” — Maclean’s

“Seriously smart without taking itself too seriously.” — NOW Magazine

“A thorough and amusing encyclopedia about all-things-Goth.” — AntiMusic