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Wayne Gretzky: The Great One

Redmond, Gerald

  • Wayne Gretzky is one of the finest athletes of all time. Both hero and superstar to fellow athletes and fans alike, this extraordinary hockey player embodies the qualities of true sportsmanship -- on and off the ice. Gerald Redmond documents the life and career of this outstanding player, from his peewee league years in smalltown Ontario to his NHL stardom -- and everything in between. The thrill of being Stanley Cup Champion. The "Royal Wedding" between Gretzky and Janet Jones. The controversy surrounding his big trade from the Edmonton Oilers to the L.A. Kings. Life in Los Angeles. And more. Follow the life of this remarkable athlete. Wayne Gretzky -- the Great One.
  • GERALD REDMOND is a sport historian and professor emeritus, University of Alberta.

  • Published: October 1993

    ISBN: 9781550221909

    Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 in.

    Pages: 101

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