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Hockey Abstract Presents... Stat Shot: The Ultimate Guide to Hockey Analytics

Vollman, Rob

  • Making advanced stats simple, practical, and fun for hockey fans

    Advanced stats give hockey’s powerbrokers an edge, and now fans can get in on the action. Stat Shot is a fun and informative guide hockey fans can use to understand and enjoy what analytics says about team building, a player’s junior numbers, measuring faceoff success, recording save percentage, the most one-sided trades in history, and everything you ever wanted to know about shot-based metrics. Acting as an invaluable supplement to traditional analysis, Stat Shot can be used to test the validity of conventional wisdom, and to gain insight into what teams are doing behind the scenes — or maybe what they should be doing.

    Whether looking for a reference for leading-edge research and hard-to-find statistical data, or for passionate and engaging storytelling, Stat Shot belongs on every serious hockey fan’s bookshelf.


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  • Best known for Player Usage Charts and his record-breaking ESPN Insider contributions, Rob Vollman was first published in the fall 2001 issue of the Hockey Research Journal and has since co-authored 10 books in the Hockey Abstract, Hockey Prospectus, and McKeen’s magazine series. He writes for, and lives in Calgary, Alberta. Tom Awad is a Montreal-based electrical engineer who loves applying numbers to his job, hockey, and anything else he can get his hands on. He has co-authored six previous books on hockey analytics. Iain Fyffe created Hockeythink (originally Puckerings), the first dedicated hockey analytics site, in 2001. He has served as editor of the Hockey Research Journal and was a co-author of the books Hockey Prospectus 2011 and 2012 and Hockey Abstract 2014, as well as the author of On His Own Side of the Puck. He lives in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

  • Published: September 2016

    ISBN: 9781770413092

    Dimensions: 6 x 9 in.

    Pages: 360

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“Analytics are here to stay in hockey and so is Rob Vollman, who gives us all something to think about with his original thinking in Stat Shot.” — Bob McKenzie, TSN Hockey Insiders

“Rob Vollman is one of the pioneers in the hockey analytic community. His vision and perspective on hockey has created many convincing discussions in the evaluation of today’s teams and players. Rob’s work is highly respected throughout the hockey world.” — Jim Nill, GM Dallas Stars

“Vollman’s work is both groundbreaking and practical—he makes sense of hockey analytics for everyone.” — Kelly Hrudey, Hockey Night in Canada and Rogers Sportsnet

Stat Shot does what many say is an impossible task; it makes the world of hockey analytics not just accessible, but fun. It's like math delivered with a wink and a smile.” — Damien Cox,  journalist/broadcaster

“This book is a must read for fans looking to dive into the world of hockey analytics as it provides a great historical overview of the work that has been done and challenges fans to think contextually when evaluating statistics.” — Winging it in Motown

“If you see it in a bookstore, and pick it up, you might find yourself entertained and informed.” — Sports Book Review Centre

“With Stat Shot, Vollman has found a way to take readers into deep water in hockey analytics in an easy and at times humorous way. Considering where analysis of the game is heading, this is a must-read for those who want to join the conversation and dig deeper into what’s really happening inside the game.” — Jeff Marek, Sportsnet

“Rob Vollman is one of the leading voices in hockey analytics, and I’ve learned a lot from him.” — Jamie McLennan, TSN

“Nobody does a better job of breaking down complicated analytics for a mass audience than Rob Vollman. This isn't just a must-read for hockey fans, it should have a place on the shelves of every NHL front office.” — Craig Custance, and NHL Insider

"Stat Shot demystifies advanced stats, giving beginners an easy-to-follow introduction, while providing deeper understanding for the hardcore stat geek." — The Hockey News

“Whether you're a hardcore believer in advanced statistics in the realm of ice hockey, or are merely curious and open-minded, Stat Shot will provide illumination about some area of the game that you never really considered, or maybe even challenge some of your preconceived beliefs.” — Flames Nation