Celia's Song

Celia's Song

Maracle, Lee, read by Columpa Bobb

  • Mink is a witness, a shape shifter, compelled to follow the story that has ensnared Celia and her village, on the West coast of Vancouver Island in Nuu’Chahlnuth territory.

    Celia is a seer who — despite being convinced she’s a little “off” — must heal her village with the assistance of her sister, her mother and father, and her nephews.

    While mink is visiting, a double-headed sea serpent falls off the house front during a fierce storm. The old snake, ostracized from the village decades earlier, has left his terrible influence on Amos, a residential school survivor. The occurrence signals the unfolding of an ordeal that pulls Celia out of her reveries and into the tragedy of her cousin’s granddaughter.

    Each one of Celia’s family becomes involved in creating a greater solution than merely attending to her cousin’s granddaughter.

    Celia’s Song relates one Nuu’Chahlnuth family’s harrowing experiences over several generations, after the brutality, interference, and neglect resulting from contact with Europeans.

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  • Celebrated Vancouver-born author, poet, artist, and activist Lee Maracle, a member of the Stö:lo Nation, made her mark in the early 1970s as one of the first aboriginal writers to have fiction published in Canada. Reinventing traditional stories she has known since childhood, Maracle seamlessly blends mythology with contemporary concerns. An officer of the Order of Canada, Maracle has been published in anthologies and scholarly journals worldwide, and is the author of a number of critically acclaimed literary works including the collection Sojourners and Sundogs; the novels Ravensong, Bobbi Lee, and Daughters Are Forever; the young adult novel Will’s Garden; and the poetry title Bent Box.

  • Published: June 2024

    ISBN: 9781773055442

    Duration: 10:07

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“Maracle in no way suggests that the answers to Canada’s colonial past are clear, but she tells a fiercely honest and wonderfully compassionate story.” ― Publishers Weekly

“If you care about reconciliation and justice in Canada, ferociously beautiful prose and complex, compassionate character development, make time this year to listen to Celia’s song.” ― Vancouver Sun

“Tremendous.” — Waubgeshig Rice, author of Moon of the Crusted Snow

“Maracle does not shy away from the worst social ills pulling the community apart — suicide, alcoholism, and sexual abuse among them — but she denies the fatalistic view, offering room for hope instead.” ― Globe and Mail

“There is no book that I’ve read that has had such an emotional impact. A stunning achievement. It is one of the absolute best books I’ve read in years and years.” ― CBC All in a Day