Mad Dog by Bertrand Hébert and Pat Laprade, translated by George Tombs, ECW Press

Mad Dog: The Maurice Vachon Story

Hébert, Bertrand and Laprade, Pat

  • The true story of one of pro wrestling’s most charismatic, feared, and beloved icons

    Who was Maurice the man, and who was Mad Dog the character? Maurice “Mad Dog” Vachon was a gold medalist, a pro-wrestling legend, and a pop culture icon — but he was also a son, husband, and father. Mad Dog explores Vachon’s career and personal struggles with painstakingly detailed historical research and through both Maurice’s own recollections and those of the people who knew him best.

    As a young man, Maurice could have chosen a dark criminal path, but then wrestling and family changed him. Chronicling his slow but steady rise to prominence across America and internationally in some of pro wrestling’s most important territories, this in-depth biography shows how Vachon’s life came to be defined by the words of Mark Twain: “It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” Fiercely proud, motivated, and supremely talented, Vachon’s story is also the amazing tale of how a lifelong make-believe heel became a real-life hero outside of the ring.

    With a foreword by his brother, Paul Vachon, and an afterword by his widow, Kathie Vachon.


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  • Bertrand Hébert co-wrote Pat Patterson’s autobiography, Accepted. He lives in Beauharnois, Quebec. He also co-wrote Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s 2013 book of the year, Mad Dogs, Midgets and Screw Jobs with Pat Laprade. Laprade is the co-author of Sisterhood of the Squared Circle, created the Quebec wrestling Hall of Fame, and lives in Montreal. George Tombs is a biographer and literary translator based in Montreal.

  • Published: September 2017

    ISBN: 9781770413320

    Dimensions: 6 x 9 in.

    Pages: 292

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“I’ve learned so many things about Maurice. It was very revealing. I couldn’t wait to read more about him, I was really captivated. I already had respect for Maurice; I have even more now.” — Raymond Rougeau, former WWE wrestler and announcer

“A definitive history of this hardcore heel who lived life to its fullest and wrestled even harder. . . The authors did their homework well and we reap the reward of their efforts. Mad Dog is a must-have read for every serious fan of pro wrestling.” — George Schire, author of Minnesota's Golden Age of Wrestling

“What made this book a good read was the research and writing about the inner workings of the professional wrestling circuit.” — The Guy Who Reviews Sports Books

“There is a lot of detailed information about Vachon's career and it's obvious the authors spent a lot of time researching.” — Teena In Toronto

“Fans of classic eras of wrestling (1960s-1980s) will enjoy this work, along with those that want to study more about Canadian wrestling. The book was entertaining, knowledgeable, and heart-filled all combined in one setting. ECW has another winner on its hands with Mad Dog.” — Lance Writes Blog

“I never saw Mad Dog Vachon wrestle because he was before my time, but I always heard about how wild he was and after reading this book I now perfectly understand why people were so fascinated with him. It truly captures the essence of who Mad Dog Vachon was.” — WWE Superstar Kevin Owens

“It sounds like he was a larger than life character.” — Dangerous Dan's Book Blog

“Explores Vachon's career and personal struggles with painstakingly detailed historical research and through Maurice's own recollections and those of the people who knew him best.” – Entertainment Report

“Pat Laprade and Bertrand Hebert, who did the great book on Montreal wrestling history, wrote this one and I've seen it and it covers his entire life and that of the Vachon clan, wrestling in the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s and some of the legendary events in Montreal as well as the AWA, where Vachon was an icon.” — Wrestling Observer