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Clockwork Lives

Anderson, Kevin J.

  • Some lives can be summed up in a sentence or two. Other lives are epics.

    In Clockwork Angels, #1 bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson and legendary Rush drummer and lyricist Neil Peart created a fabulous, adventurous steampunk world in a novel to accompany the smash Rush concept album of the same name. It was a world of airships and alchemy, clockwork carnivals, pirates, lost cities, a rigid Watchmaker who controlled every aspect of life, and his nemesis, the ruthless and violent Anarchist who wanted to destroy it all.

    Anderson and Peart have returned to their colourful creation to explore the places and the characters that still have a hold on their imagination. Marinda Peake is a woman with a quiet, perfect life in a small village; she long ago gave up on her dreams and ambitions to take care of her ailing father, an alchemist and an inventor. When he dies, he gives Marinda a mysterious inheritance: a blank book that she must fill with other people’s stories — and ultimately her own.

    Clockwork Lives is a steampunk Canterbury Tales, and much more, as Marinda strives to change her life from a mere “sentence or two” to a true epic.

  • Kevin J. Anderson is the bestselling science fiction author of over 120 novels. He has written spin-off novels for Star Wars, DC Comics, and The X-Files and, with Brian Herbert, is the co-author of 14 novels in the Dune universe. His original works include the Saga of Seven Suns series; Terra Incognita; Resurrection, Inc.; Hopscotch; and the Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I. series. He lives in Colorado. Neil Peart was the drummer and lyricist of the legendary rock band Rush and the author of Ghost Rider, The Masked Rider, Traveling Music, Roadshow, Far and Away, Far and Near, Far and Wide, and, with Kevin J. Anderson, Clockwork Angels.

  • Published: September 2015

    ISBN: 9781770412941

    Dimensions: 6 x 9 in.

    Pages: 400

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"Clockwork Lives is wonderful. It's an inspirational adventure. You are never set in one life. You can always start again and live a new dream." — Steampunk Canada

"A scintillating, steampunky novel . . . Very highly recommended." — Tales from Auction Front Lines

Clockwork Lives is a highly satisfying assortment of stories of characters marked by a common theme: unique lives lived on a grand scale.” —

"Clockwork Lives is an exploration and an embracing of [life's] adventure, complete with the twists and turns, the love and heartbreak, and the successes and tragedies that ultimately make life the compelling story that it is. And always made all the more beautiful in the sharing." — Book Reporter

“Kevin J. Anderson writes smooth, flowing prose, and I am always swept along by the tales he tells. . . . Clockwork Lives came along when I really needed to connect with some great stories, and the timing couldn’t have been better. Marinda’s quest becomes an epic unto itself, and I guarantee you won’t be able to put this book down. Kudos!” — Dispatches from the Last Outlaw

“There’s intrigue, terrorism, personal redemption, death, betrayal, revenge, inter-dimension travel — even a spelunking story added to the mix. Each story is fascinating and as varied and colorful as the characters themselves.” — Scotty Watty Doodle All the Day

"Clockwork Lives is an amazing collection of stories that brings the world to life. It paints a picture of an orderly world but with almost limitless wonder hiding beneath the surface. Each story produces its own unique draw, and the framing story, that of Marinda Peake, shows a young woman learning what it truly means to live. This is a fantastic book.” — The Arched Doorway

“With captivating illustrations by [Nick] Robles, it is easy to imagine the backdrop of the lives Miranda (and the reader) collects. Fantasy fans will be captivated by this steampunk version of The Canterbury Tales.” — Library Journal, starred

"[Clockwork Lives] truly is a work of art and is a must-have for anyone Rush fan's library." — Power Windows

"A rollercoaster of a tale that makes for a wonderfully entertaining read. Whether you enjoy the whimsical steam-powered world of steampunk or not, you'll certainly find [Clockwork Lives] an intriguing and wonderful story." — Starburst Magazine

“Reading the first book is not necessary to enjoy this novel; it is in a completely different format than the previous book and is equally satisfying. Anderson and Peart have created a magnificent journey for Marinda and I’m glad they returned to this universe. In fact, after the pleasure this book brought to me, I would be disappointed if they did not return for further tales. Recommended.” —