April Fool by William Deverell, ECW Press

April Fool: An Arthur Beauchamp Novel

Deverell, William

  • A new edition of the Arthur Ellis Award winning crime novel

    Arthur Beauchamp, the scholarly, self-doubting legend of the B.C. criminal bar, is enjoying his retirement on B.C.’s Garibaldi Island when he is dragged back to court to defend an old client. Nick “The Owl” Faloon, one of the world’s top jewel thieves, has been accused of raping and murdering a psychologist. Beauchamp has scarcely registered how unlikely it is that the rascally Faloon could commit a savage murder when his own personal life takes an abrupt turn. His new wife, Margaret Blake, organic farmer and environmental activist, has taken up residence 50 feet above ground in a tree of an old-growth forest that she is determined to save for the eagles and from the loggers. Beauchamp shuttles between Vancouver and the island, doing what he can to defend Faloon, save the forest, and rescue his wife. Part courtroom thriller, part classic whodunit, April Fool sees Deverell writing at the top of his form, with a big dollop of humour.


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  • William Deverell was a journalist for seven years and a trial lawyer for 25, as defender or prosecutor in more than a thousand criminal cases, including 30 murder trials. The author of over 20 novels, Deverell has won the $50,000 Seal First Novel Prize and the Book of the Year Award, the Dashiell Hammett Award for literary excellence in crime writing in North America, as well as two Arthur Ellis Awards for best Canadian crime novel. His work has been translated into 14 languages and sold worldwide. He lives on Pender Island, B.C.

  • Published: September 2017

    ISBN: 9781770414082

    Dimensions: 6 x 9 in.

    Pages: 440

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April Fool thrusts itself brashly into the reader’s psyche like a lumber-jacketed logger at a black-tie affair. Ruggedly individualistic, demanding and determined, its characters are shrewdly etched and realistically rendered.” — Globe and Mail

“Hugely entertaining.” — Calgary Herald

“Readers gladly follow all of Deverell’s distinctly drawn characters through tiny outposts on Canada’s West Coast to the courtrooms of Victoria and Vancouver and the fine hotels of Europe. He is a master storyteller with a wonderful sense of humour. The story flows effortlessly, and readers are twigs on the river, along for one hell of a ride.” — Quill & Quire

“The dialogue crackles, the style is sharp and compelling, and it’s a treat to spend another book with Beauchamp.” — Vancouver Sun

“[Deverell] is a hugely amusing and self-assured writer, and when you have his gifts it is hard to go wrong.” — National Post


“Deverell writes breathless prose, commas flying here and there with exuberant abandon, as he dissects the nuttiness of his various locations. . . . April Fool spills over with idiosyncratic characters.” — Edmonton Journal


“Deverell is one of Canada’s best and funniest mystery writers.” — Ottawa Citizen

“Deverell burrows into Beauchamp’s soul, and we see almost everything unfold through his addled but fascinating perspective.” — Vancouver Province

“Deverell brings back one of his classic characters, wily B.C. Queen’s Counsel Arthur Beauchamp, in this droll, witty novel about crime in the Gulf Islands.” — Toronto Sun