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My Blue Haven: Revised Edition

Doulis, Alex

  • Offshore. Tax avoidance. Swiss numbered bank accounts. These very words make tax collectors, lawyers and fraudsters gasp. And yet, as Alex Doulis vividly illustrates in My Blue Haven, they are also incorrectly associated with criminal activity.

    In this easy-to-read narrative, Doulis is quick to dispel the perception that a vast majority of Canadians have regarding the offshore: namely, that it is used solely for tax avoidance purposes. The reality, Doulis reveals, is that for most people the offshore offers asset protection from the prying eyes of the Canadian government, keen on heavily taxing everything Canadians own.

    Doulis’s groundbreaking work portrays the legitimate business reasons as to why operating certain undertakings from tax advantaged and less regulated environments are more beneficial than keeping these business ventures in Canada where they are prone to the government’s heavy taxation laws. Better still, Doulis outlines how all this can be achieved without having to move away from Canada.

    Having previously sold more than 39,000 copies, My Blue Haven has been updated to accommodate the most recent and proposed changes made to the Income Tax Act. In short, Doulis’s book provides the enlightening answers to the reader’s burning questions on asset protection and tax avoidance.

  • Born in Vancouver in 1939, Alex Doulis worked as a mathematician in the early days of computers before entering the investment industry where he toiled for 19 years. He has spent the past ten years living tax-free on his yacht in the Mediterranean and travelling.

  • Published: February 2007

    ISBN: 9781550227727

    Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 in.

    Pages: 184

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