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Citi’s Commonsense Money Guide for Real People

Knight, Bill

  • Citi, one of the world’s leading financial services companies, presents a personal finance guide containing useful and easy-to-understand situations and potential strategies on a wide range of basic financial challenges that people like you and your family may face.

    The Citi Commonsense Money Guide for Real People is divided into three major parts. The first, Get Back on Track, takes a look at several situations where people often find themselves backed up against a financial brick wall. Get Back on Track suggests some practical ways to deal with these challenges. The second part of the book is called Basic Training. Here, the subjects include kids, owning homes, investing responsibly, and planning for the future. The third and final part focuses on those unexpected curveballs life throws at you. It could be someone stealing your credit card, or the double-whammy of emotional and financial stress that comes from a divorce. Or, it could be a joyful life change like a wedding or an inheritance.

    Regardless of income level, everyone can use a financial road map that addresses budgeting, personal savings, retirement, education costs, investments, insurance, and debt control. Yet today many people are without a plan and are at risk of having a life crisis — job loss, medical emergency, divorce or death of a spouse — trigger a financial crisis.

    The Citi Commonsense Money Guide for Real People lays out simple options for dealing with everyday money challenges. With access to these financial education concepts, you too may learn to be more confident in your financial decisions and, ultimately, more in control of your money.

  • Dara Duguay, director of the Citigroup Office of Financial Education, is an expert on personal finance and author of two popular personal finance books, Don’t Spend Your Raise and Please Send Money. A native of Chicago, Duguay currently resides in Washington, D.C. Bill Knight has an extensive career in the financial services industry. He is the former Commissioner for the Financial Consumers Agency of Canada, and previously, the President and CEO of Credit Union Central of Canada. He is a member of a number of corporate and volunteer boards including the Citizens Bank of Canada, the Desjardins Group Advisory Board, the AIG United Guaranty (Canada) Board of Directors, and the Advisory Committee to the Child Welfare League of Canada.

  • Published: June 2009

    ISBN: 9781550228656

    Dimensions: 6 x 9 in.

    Pages: 296

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