Cover: Transland by Mx. Sly, read by Sebastian Marziali.


Mx. Sly

  • A memoir of transformation and self-discovery that explores fetish communities from a gender diverse perspective.

    Transland is a fiery and revealing memoir that delves into what happens when a non-binary person goes looking for self-worth and a sense of belonging in fetish subculture, only to find that fetish communities come with just as many problematic rules, expectations, and hierarchies as mainstream ones.

    Moving from wide-eyed optimism that the fetish community is the promised land to realizing the ways fetish communities — even queer ones — reinforce the commodification of bodies, Mx. Sly examines how BDSM helped them understand and articulate their gender, how kink helped them turn shameful experiences into liberating ones, and how they became disillusioned with the BDSM scene — without rejecting the lessons fetish taught them.

    Sexy, gutting, graphic, and existential, Transland is about finding oneself through intense sensations, reaching a point where being hit has diminishing returns, and coming out wiser on the other side.

  • Mx. Sly is a non-binary writer, theatre creator, and producer. Their first play, Charisma Furs, was published in the anthology Q2Q: Queer Canadian Performance Texts (finalist in the 2019 Lambda Literary Awards). Sly is developing Canada's first gender diverse performance anthology, to be published by Playwrights Canada Press in 2024. They have lived in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and Calgary. Transland is their first book.

  • Published: February 2024

    ISBN: 9781778523120

    Duration: 8:30

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“Mx. Sly brings unapologetic sexuality, a keen sense of detail, and emotional rawness to their work. It's the type of storytelling that's prone to leave audiences equal parts nervous and turned on.” — Graham Isador, former contributing editor with VICE

“Powerfully raw and kinky in all the best ways. I was so emotionally invested. This memoir is fucking amazing.” — Hasan Namir, author of God in Pink