Cover: Far Creek Road by Lesley Krueger, ECW Press

Far Creek Road: A Novel

Krueger, Lesley

  • Innocence confronts suburban secrets during a modern witch hunt

    It’s 1961, and Mary Alice (Tink) Parker is 10 years old. She lives with her parents in a Vancouver suburb where many fathers are traumatized veterans of the Second World War and almost all the mothers are housewives. They believe they’ve earned secure and prosperous lives after the sacrifices they made during the war. But under the conformist veneer seethe conflicts and secrets that make the serenity of Grouse Valley precarious.

    The story of the unraveling of the neighborhood is told by Tink, an eccentric child who is funny, observant, and impossibly nosy, with a tendency to blurt whatever’s on her mind. Bucolic at first, the story darkens as McCarthy-era paranoia infects the adults and spills over into the lives of the children. The parents of Tink’s best friend Norman are schoolteachers with leftist beliefs. When the Cuban Missile Crisis threatens, Norman’s parents face a witch hunt while the boy becomes a target of bullies. Tink does her best to defend Norman. But as she looks for help, Tink stumbles on a web of secrets — including evidence of a torrid affair — that will change their lives forever.

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  • Lesley Krueger is an award-winning author and screenwriter. She has written six novels, including Mad Richard and Time Squared, two collections of short stories, and a travel memoir. She lives in Toronto, ON.

  • Published: October 2023

    ISBN: 9781770416376

    Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 in.

    Pages: 320

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