And What Can We Offer You Tonight by Premee Mohamed, read by Elana Dunkelman. Bespeak Audio Editions.

And What Can We Offer You Tonight

Mohamed, Premee

  • In a far future city, where you can fall to a government cull for a single mistake, And What Can We Offer You Tonight by Premee Mohamed tells the story of Jewel, established courtesan in a luxurious House. Jewel’s world is shaken when her friend is murdered by a client, but somehow comes back to life. To get revenge, they will both have to confront the limits of loyalty, guilt, and justice.

  • Premee Mohamed is a Nebula award-winning Indo-Caribbean scientist and speculative fiction author based in Edmonton, Alberta. She is an Assistant Editor at the short fiction audio venue Escape Pod and the author of the Beneath the Rising series of novels as well as several novellas.

  • Published: December 2023

    ISBN: 9781778523182

    Duration: 2:44

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And What Can We Offer You Tonight is a deep dive into sacred revenge, a vivid, devastating and exquisite story of love and loyalty, among three friends who can ill afford such luxuries.” — L.X. Beckett, author of Gamechanger and Dealbreaker

“Mohamed weaves a most beautiful and powerful spell with a thin crust of gorgeous prose and coy smiles barely hiding the powerful, growing rage beneath. Much like the dead, it’s a tale that keeps haunting long after the story ends.” — Leigh Harlen, author of Queens of Noise