Where To from Here: A Path to Canadian Prosperity

Morneau, Bill, John Lawrence Reynolds

  • National Bestseller

    Bill Morneau’s experience as Canada’s finance minister crystalized his vision for the country’s potential for growth and prosperity. Where To from Here looks backward with coolness and candor and forward with a fresh vision of all that Canada can — and must — become.

    Much of the world reacted with surprise and admiration to the results of the 2015 Canadian federal election and the makeup of the government it produced. Led by a young charismatic leader with a storied family legacy on Parliament Hill, the Liberal government scored a historic victory, rising from third-party status to substantial majority. With a gender-equal cabinet and an ambitious agenda, it heralded a new approach to the country’s federal politics.

    After an exciting and productive five years spent focused on domestic and global issues, Finance Minister Bill Morneau decided to take his leave from the same government. What prompted him to abandon one of the most powerful political offices in the country? How much of his decision was based on the often brutal give-and-take of politics? When did the penny drop, persuading one of Trudeau’s brightest lights to shift his talents and energies elsewhere?

    In his own persuasive voice, Bill Morneau paints a positive picture, tracing his widely lauded entry into the political arena, the arc of his career in politics, major accomplishments and missed opportunities, his surprising exit, and a host of revealing episodes between the events. Told with measures of both pride and regret, he explores personalities, achievements, and failures with candor.

    Morneau’s experience crystalized his vision for Canada and its potential for growth and prosperity. He shares a vision clearly and provocatively expressed, drafting a blueprint for the country’s future. Where To from Here looks backward with coolness and candor and forward with a fresh vision of all that Canada can — and must — become.


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  • Bill Morneau was Canada’s minister of finance from 2015 to 2020. Born in Toronto, he attended Western University (BA), the London School of Economics (M.Sc. (Econ.)), and INSEAD (MBA) before joining the benefits consulting firm founded by his father and growing it into Canada’s largest human resources company. He and his wife, Nancy, have four children. He lives in Toronto, ON.

    John Lawrence Reynolds is the author/co-author of almost 40 books. He has won three Arthur Ellis Awards and a National Business Book Award. Find him online at wryter.ca.

  • Published: January 2023

    ISBN: 9781770417144

    Dimensions: 6 x 9 in.

    Pages: 328

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“Policy wonks and political gossips alike will want it on their shelves...Morneau does not descend into fly-on-the-wall scenes of drama and intrigue. The tone of the book is one of respectful disagreement, the prose straightforward and workmanlike.” — The Globe and Mail

“An interesting critique of the government he served as finance minister and a cautionary tale about business people entering the merciless world of politics.” — iPolitics

“A book full of honest-to-god ideas...” — Politico