Beforelife in the Wild

Randal Graham's new novel has made its way into the hands of lots of enthusiastic readers across North America. For example, the blog post featured photo comes from Trina, a Crown lawyer in Newfoundland!

We've compiled a few of these fun fan photos for your enjoyment in a segment we call "Beforelife in the Wild".

* *

Emily from Vancouver


Cassandra from London, ON


Some fall reading for Lisa in London, ON 


Crystal from LA with Beforelife

Crystal in Los Angeles with her copy


Logan (who belongs to Emily in London, ON) curling up for a nap beside Beforelife



Erin in Edmonton


Jeff, Jenny, and Grace at the Toronto launch earlier this month


Jesse, buying two copies in Toronto


Jenny and Kirsten, PhD students in London, with their copies


Jarrod from Thunder Bay, ON


Alexandra enjoying the book on a sunny day in Toronto 


Joshua (from Texas) and Monica (from Toronto), psychology students in London, ON


Kelly and Katelyn at the London launch


And finally, Alexandra of Toronto, discovering the identity of the City Solicitor!


* *

 You can learn more about Beforelife here

Bonus photo: Proud editor Jen Hale (centre) with a copy, posing with L-R: Tom, Patricia, Stephanie Montgomery-Graham, and author Randal Graham.

NEW photos:

Beforelife in Denmark, from Craig:


And from Scot in the UK:


Beforelife literally in the wild — Jacob in the woods!

[Congratulations to Jacob on the successful completion of his doctoral defence!]

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