Amazing Hockey Facts from Stat Shot: The Ultimate Guide to Hockey Analytics

Impress your buddies this hockey season with amazing facts and statistics from the must-have hockey book Hockey Abstract Presents . . . Stat Shot by Rob Vollman with Tom Awad and Iain Fyffe. 

Advanced stats give hockey’s powerbrokers an edge, and now fans can get in on the action. Stat Shot is a fun and informative guide hockey fans can use to understand and enjoy what analytics says about team building, a player’s junior numbers, measuring faceoff success, recording save percentage, the most one-sided trades in history, and everything you ever wanted to know about shot-based metrics. An invaluable supplement to traditional analysis, Stat Shot can be used to test the validity of conventional wisdom, and to gain insight into what teams are doing behind the scenes — or maybe what they should be doing.

Whether looking for a reference for leading-edge research and hard-to-find statistical data, or for passionate and engaging storytelling, Stat Shot belongs on every serious hockey fan’s bookshelf.

Can’t get enough? Get a free download of Rob Vollman’s Off-Season Update, which includes updated statistics from the 201516 hockey season! 


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