Summer Fever: The Perfect Outdoor Companions

Summer is finally here, and with this hot weather it would be a crime to stay inside on the couch! Let these books be your guide on how not to waste a single second of beautiful weather this summer.

The Urban Cycling Survival Guide
By Yvonne Bambrick, illustrations by Marc Ngui

Cars may have taken over other cities, but Torontonians refuse to let automobiles rob them of an active commute. With the help of The Urban Cycling Survival Guide, everyone can take back their city, one bike at a time. Modern cities may not have been designed for bicycles, but Yvonne Bambrick coaches on how to share the streets safely and get the most out of your commute. Her guide helps cyclists new to the urban environment negotiate all the challenges they face, providing them with the knowledge they need to follow the rules and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Build the skills and confidence to give your Metro Card a break and dust off your old two-wheeler!


Born to Walk
By Dan Rubinstein 

There are no overnight solutions to the modern epidemics we face, such as obesity, anxiety, alienation, and climate change. But Dan Rubinstein urges you to take a single step in the right direction. With fascinating reportage, eye-opening research, and Rubinstein’s own discoveries, Born to Walk explores how far this ancient habit can take us, how much repair is within range, and guarantees that you’ll never again take walking for granted. Prepare to power up your FitBit after reading Dan Rubinstein’s ultimate argument for getting back on your feet.  


My Handy Little Health Journal
By Tania Craan and Mary Anne Alton

What better way to keep track of your new healthy lifestyle choices than with this trendy little journal? With My Handy Little Health Journal, you’ll be able to not only keep track of the days you bike to work or how far you walked to that restaurant last night, but all of your nutrition, exercise, hygiene, and stress management notes as well. This book gives you space to record healthcare providers, appointments, medications, tests, expenses, and procedures, and provides helpful tips about meditation, smart recipes, fitness, and travel — it even includes brainteasers to keep your mind sharp. There is no better time of year to start taking your health seriously, with the sun shining and fresh, green parks to motivate you. Let this journal take care of remembering your health steps for you; you’ll be glad you did.



Far and Away | Far and Near | Far and Wide
By Neil Peart

Let Rush drummer Neil Peart enthrall you with his cross-continental adventures — you’ll be so inspired that you won’t be able to stop yourself from planning your own summer roadtrip. Far and Away puts you on the back of Peart’s motorcycle, cruising along the backroads of North America, Europe, and South America. He shares his personal reflections and full-colour photos throughout a story that spans almost four years. His open letters recount adventures both personal and universal, from the challenges and accomplishments in the professional life of an artist to the birth of his child.

This incredible travelogue of rock‘s foremost drummer and enthusiastic biker doesn’t stop with the last page; Peart gives you two sequels. Far and Near recounts reflections from three other years of the artist’s life as he celebrates seasons, landscapes, and characters; travels roads and trails; receives honours; climbs mountains; and composes and performs music. These beautifully illustrated travel books will make you eager for the third book in the collection.

Far and Wide, coming in September 2016, commemorates Rush’s 40th anniversary tour, R40, like never told before. For the band and their fans, R40 was a celebratory three months filled with 35 concerts. But for Neil Peart, the tour gave him 17,000 miles on his BMW motorcycle to explore backroads across North America. Satisfy your summer travel-story needs with Peart’s first two books, and finish in time to enjoy Far and Wide this fall. 


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