Happy 149th Birthday, Canada: Celebrating Great Canadian Authors for #CanadaDay

A proud Canadian independent press for over 40 years, ECW Press bleeds red and white! To celebrate the 149th birthday of our great nation, we’re offering 40% off select books with red covers for Canada Day long weekend! To claim this discount, apply coupon code OCANADA at the checkout. Sale ends 07/04/2016.
Here are some of our favourite red-covered titles: 

In My Humble Opinion: My So-Called Life
By Soraya Roberts

My So-Called Life lasted only 19 episodes from 1994 to 1995, but in that time it earned many devoted viewers, including the showrunners who would usher in the teen TV boom of the late ’90s and the new millennium.


Nowhere with You: The East Coast Anthems of Joel Plaskett, The Emergency and Thrush Hermit
By Josh O’Kane

Canada’s east coast has never been much of a pop-culture mecca. Most musicians from the region who’ve ever made it big moved away. But armed with a stubborn streak and a knack for great songwriting, Joel Plaskett has kept Halifax as his home, building both a career and a music community there. Along the way, he’s earned great respect: when he plays shows in Alberta, east-coast expats literally thank him for staying home.


 Boring Girls: A Novel
By Sara Taylor

Rachel feels like she doesn’t fit in — until she finds heavy metal and meets Fern, a kindred spirit. The two form their own band, but the metal scene turns out to be no different than the misogynist world they want to change. Violent encounters escalate, and the friends decide there’s only one way forward . . .

A bloodstained journey into the dark heart of the music industry, Boring Girls traces Rachel’s deadly coming of age, Fern at her side. As the madness deepens, their band’s success heightens, and their taste for revenge grows ravenous.



Black Rock: An Eddie Dougherty Mystery
By John McFetridge

Set against the actual bombs, riots, and political turmoil of Montreal 1970, a man known as the “Vampire Killer” murders three women and a fourth is missing. A young beat cop finds himself almost alone hunting a serial killer.


Clockwork Lives
By Kevin J. Anderson

Kevin J. Anderson and legendary Rush drummer and lyricist Neil Peart have returned to their colourful creation to explore the places and the characters that still have a hold on their imagination. Marinda Peake is a woman with a quiet, perfect life in a small village; she long ago gave up on her dreams and ambitions to take care of her ailing father, an alchemist and an inventor. When he dies, he gives Marinda a mysterious inheritance: a blank book that she must fill with other people’s stories — and ultimately her own. 



The Ultimate Guide to Preventing and Treating MMA Injuries
By Dr. Jonathan Gelber 

Dr. Gelber translates complicated medical topics into easy-to-follow information, complete with step-by-step diagrams for how to treat and prevent MMA specific injuries. From joint injuries to preventing infection, from muscle strains to concussions, here are all the need-to-know details. 

Augustine in Carthage, and Other Poems
By Alessandro Porco

Equally crude and charming, locker-room macho and sensitive, these poems are always singularly marked by formal ingenuity and stylistic élan. Augustine in Carthage, and Other Poems also includes translations of Italian poetry, re-mixes of classic English poems, performance pieces, tender love poems, and — if you would believe — even a short pornographic novel.

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