We’re Celebrating Poem in Your Pocket Day (April 21)!

Thursday, April 21 is the 14th annual Poem in Your Pocket Day. People celebrate by choosing a poem, carrying it with them, and sharing it with others in person and on Twitter using the hashtag #pocketpoem. This year, we’re getting in on the action with a contest. 3 lucky tweeters will win a package of 6 poetry books!

For a chance to win:

  1. Choose one of our free pocket poems (below).

  2. Tweet the JPG and include “#pocketpoem #npm16 @ecwpress” in your tweet.

  3. Print the PDF to keep in your pocket and share with others (optional, but encouraged!).

Pocket Poems — free downloads

“Bracketing Paradox” from Failure to Thrive by Suzannah Showler (JPG) (PDF) (Learn more)

“Breaking Poem” from Previously Feared Darkness by Robert Priest (JPG) (PDF) (Learn more)

Dear Siri” from The Semiconducting Dictionary (Our Strindberg) by Natalee Caplee (JPG) (PDF) (Learn more)

Dinner Party” from Slow States of Collapse by Ashley-Elizabeth Best (JPG) (PDF) (Learn more)

Exodus” from Winter Cranes by Chris Banks (JPG) (PDF) (Learn more)

First Hymn” from The Anatomy of Clay by Gillian Sze (JPG) (PDF(Learn more)

Life Enthusiasts” from Watermelon Kindness by David Donnell (JPG) (PDF(Learn more)

Materials for a Memoir on Animal Locomotion” from Decline of the Animal Kingdom by Laura Clarke (JPG) (PDF(Learn more)

My Love Was My Decay” from Intimate Letters: The Invisible World Is in Decline, Book VII by Bruce Whiteman (JPG) (PDF) (Learn more)

“Bent” from You can't bury them all by Patrick Woodcock (JPG) (PDF) (Learn more)

New Elvis Mourns His Dead Hips” from Our Gleaming Bones Unrobed by Grant Loveys (JPG) (PDF) (Learn more)

Redbird” from Paper Radio by Damian Rogers (JPG) (PDF) (Learn more)

Reflective Surfaces” from Knife Throwing Through Self Hypnosis by Robin Richardson (JPG) (PDF) (Learn more)

Reincarnation Redux” from Designated Mourner by Catherine Owen (JPG) (PDF) (Learn more)

Reprise for Rain” from The Ends of the Earth by Jacqueline Turner (JPG) (PDF) (Learn more)

Soffit and Facia” from Civil and Civic by Jonathan Bennett (JPG) (PDF) (Learn more)

The World Changing Business” from Letter from Brooklyn by Jacob Scheier (JPG) (PDF) (Learn more)

Tidal Wave” from Don’t Let It End Like This Tell Them I Said Something by Paul Vermeersch (JPG) (PDF) (Learn more)

Unwed Mothers Hate Fracking Now” from Cut-up Apologetic by Jamie Sharpe (JPG) (PDF) (Learn more)

What We Don’t Need” from The Pemmican Eaters by Marilyn Dumont (JPG) (PDF) (Learn more)

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