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Jack David, Co-Publisher, Editor
Business, mysteries & true crime, biography & memoir, pop science, ext. 111

Michael Holmes, Senior Editor
Literary fiction, poetry, nonfiction (hockey, wrestling, music & Canadian pop culture), ext. 114

Susan Renouf, Executive Editor at Large
Literary fiction, creative nonfiction, environmental & social issues

Crissy Calhoun, Creative Director
YA fiction, fiction, pop culture, submissions questions, ext. 115

Jennifer Knoch, Editor
Fiction, nonfiction (music, adventure, health, eco), ext. 117

Laura Pastore, Editor, ext. 155

For science fiction and fantasy submissions, please contact David Caron at


Samantha Dobson, Marketing Director, ext. 152

Emily Ferko, Sales & Operations Manager, ext. 156

Kat Resurreccion, Marketing Coordinator, ext. 151


Sarah Dunn, Publicity Director, ext. 158

Susannah Ames, Publicist, ext. 154

Tania Blokhuis, Publicity Coordinator, ext. 159


Troy Cunningham, Production Manager, ext. 153

Rachel Ironstone, Managing Editor, ext. 118

Jessica Albert, Digital Production Manager / Art Director, ext. 157


David Caron, Co-Publisher, President, ext. 113


Meet the Acquiring Editors 

Jack David
David Caron
Michael Holmes

Susan Renouf
Laura Pastore

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