Crissy Calhoun, Senior Editor & Developmental Director

What I’m looking for . . .
Compelling stories, well told. Whether it’s YA, literary, or commercial fiction, I respond to novels with strong plots (not those that would end up on Type’s amazing Plotless Fiction shelf) and realistically drawn characters (whether in a world that looks like ours, or not). I’m looking for fiction that inspires readers to write the authors because they feel so connected to the work — Chantel Guertin gets emails from teenagers about how they feel Pippa Greene is their best friend. And Jen Sookfong Lee’s beautifully written and impeccably plotted The Conjoined inspired an advance reader to tell Jen how her novel made her feel less lonely and less alien. That kind of strong, emotional connection to fiction is what I love as a reader, and what made me become an editor.

Pop culture titles make up the bulk of my non-fiction list, particularly on television, like Nikki Stafford’s Investigating Sherlock and John Semley’s This Is a Book About The Kids in the Hall. Jen Knoch and I are always looking for compelling arguments for what should be considered a classic of popular culture for our Pop Classics series. (Where are the Beyoncé proposals?!)

And across all genres, I’m particularly interested in and dedicated to acquiring work by those who have been historically underrepresented on our list.

What I read (and loved) recently . . .
Americanah. Astonish Me. Everything I Never Told You. I’ll Give You the Sun. Men Explain Things to Me. And I will read any book about habits, how we think, how we work, the creative process and writing.

What I do outside of work . . .
I am a certifiable television addict — recent loves include UnReal, Orphan Black, Jane the Virgin, Orange Is the New Black, Empire… — and devoted podcast listener (Another Round and RadioLab = my two #1 loves). And love to dance and to swim, and don’t do either of those things often enough.

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