Unleash Your Hidden Poker Memory by Bennett Onika, ECW Press

Unleash Your Hidden Poker Memory: How to Win at Texas Hold’Em by Turning your Brain into a Poker Tracking Machine

Onika, Bennett

  • Gain a massive edge on the competition with tested memory strategies

    Going beyond the common poker strategy book, this one–of–a–kind guide utilizes basic memory techniques designed to enable a player to easily keep track of poker statistics during a live game. A variety of engaging imagery is provided, teaching players how to remember approximately 10 to 100 times the information an untrained player would have at a tournament or cash game.

    Covering everything from how often a player plays to memorizing tells, this is the ideal companion for both serious amateurs and professional card sharks.

  • BENNETT ONIKA is a passionate poker player who has combined the latest in memory training with the statistics of the online poker world. He currently lives and works in Winnipeg, Manitoba, with his wife and two children, and attends the World Series of Poker every year, where he has cashed three times. Follow Onika on Twitter @BennettOnika.
  • Published: April 2012

    ISBN: 9781770410725

    Dimensions: 6 x 9 in.

    Pages: 192