Tackling the Taxman by Alex Doulis, ECW Press

Tackling the Taxman: How to Keep the CRA from Controlling Your Investments and Your Life, A Tax Empowerment Guide

Doulis, Alex

  • Many questions swirl around the heads of worried Canadians at tax time every year. As they snap their pencils, slam down their calculators, and let out an anguished sigh, they wonder, “How on earth did this convoluted system of taxation ever evolve?” That question breaks the logjam of many others, and Alex Doulis is here to answer them:
    → Does the taxman ever lose? Yes.
    → Would the taxman lie? Yes.
    → Has the government ever used the tax system to bludgeon its opponents? Apparently.
    → Does the government use the tax system to help its friends? Only the wealthy ones.
    → Can ordinary Canadians equip themselves to deal with RevCan from a position of strength? Absolutely.

    Doulis tells true stories of taxpayers who have taken the taxman to the Bar and left him in tatters. He stiffens the backbones of Canadians who are all too ready to confess when the taxman comes to their door. He explains the difference between a tax audit and a tax investigation and shows how to deal with both (“nothing by mouth” is his prescription: turn the taxman away and insist he put all his questions in writing).

    No one ever hears about taxpayers’ triumphs over the taxman (though his victories are broadcast widely, usually during tax-filing time). Read Tackling the Taxman to find out how these taxpayers managed to win.

  • Alex Doulis is a geologist and Chartered Financial Analyst who spent 20 years as a top-ranked analyst and broker at A.E. Ames, Gordon Capital, and McNeil Mantha. Then, for 15 years, he sailed the Mediterranean and wrote books on offshore investing and the bond market: Take Your Money and Run, My Blue Haven, and The Bond’s Revenge: A Guide to Thriving in the Bond Market which have sold more than 200,000 copies. He is returning to Canada to tackle the taxman.

  • Published: March 2006

    ISBN: 9781550227345

    Dimensions: 5.5 x 8.5 in.

    Pages: 191