Double-Talking by Linda Hutcheon, ECW Press

Double-Talking: Essays on Verbal and Visual Ironies in Canadian Contemporary Art and Literature

Hutcheon, Linda

  • In the mass media today, as well as in high art and academia, there seems to be what one recent magazine has called an 'irony epidemic.' This collection of essays considers irony in its Canadian literary and artistic context, with titles such as "Who Says That Canadian Culture Is Ironic?" and "Ironies of Color in the Great White North: The Discursive Strategies of Some Hyphenated Canadians."
  • LINDA HUTCHEON is professor of Comparative Literature at the University of Toronto, and author of many books on literary and cultural theory.

  • Published: August 1992

    ISBN: 9781550221398

    Dimensions: 6 x 9 in.

    Pages: 220