Canadian Writers and Their Works - Fiction by Jack David and Robert Lecker, ECW Press

Canadian Writers and Their Works - Fiction: Margaret Atwood, Rudy Wiebe, Marian Engel, Margaret Laurence, and Matt Cohen

David, Jack

  • This index volume is an edited, slightly revised cumulation of the indexes that appeared with each of the Canadian Writers and Their Works Fiction Series volumes. It lists all proper names, excluding place names, academic institutions, names of characters and names of relatives mentioned only in passing. All critics named or quoted in the text or in explanatory notes are indexed. All titles of poems, stories, articles, books, etc., that are discussed in the text are indexed, as are the title of periodicals and critical works about which substantive remarks have been made.
  • Published: January 1998

    ISBN: 9780920763797

    Dimensions: 5.75 x 9 in.

    Pages: 373