Canadian Women's Movement, 1960-1990, The by Margaret Fulford, ECW Press

The Canadian Women's Movement, 1960-1990: A Guide to Archival Resources

Fulford, Margaret

  • This bilingual guide captures the range of documentation created in what historians refer to as the second wave of the women's movement, which emerged after 1960 in the context of widespread social and political change in Canada. Included in The Guide are the records of women's groups formed or functioning after 1960 that are held in a variety of Canadian archives or by the groups themselves. This guide challenges perceptions of what is archival by focusing on contemporary movement records, which may be held to stimulate research on the contemporary Canadian women's movement and encourage more widespread collection of these records by archival repositories. It is hoped that the Guide's user-friendly approach to archival description will reach an audience unfamiliar with traditional archives and raise awareness among women's groups and activists of the archival value of their records.
  • MARGARET FULFORD works at the CBC library.

  • Published: October 1993

    ISBN: 9781550221565

    Dimensions: 9 x 12 in.

    Pages: 380